5 berths in Adria Twin Supreme SGX 640

The Adria Twin Supreme SGX 640 is available from the factory only with 3 berths (2 on the lift bed and 1 large or small as a dinnet bed). The 640 SPB FAMILY was not an alternative for us because of the fixed or rigid installation of the 2 beds.

Therefore, even before buying it was clear that we were looking for a simple and practical solution for the do-it-yourselfer.

What you need for this are

Have fun with the replica.

Handover of our Adria SGX 640 Supreme

We were looking for detailed handover videos of an Adria SGX 640 Supreme when choosing our van. Here we were unsuccessful and therefore we have filmed our handover almost completely and would now like to make this available to all interested parties. We hope that this is helpful for you.

If you have a handover coming up soon, the linked handover checklist might be helpful as well.

Due to the length of this video, we have added jump marks and you can use them to jump within the video. The markers are as follows:

  • Engine compartment
  • External connections
  • Gas and cargo space
  • Windows and lift bed
  • Kitchen
  • Onboard control and water drainage
  • Gas boiler and gas bottle
  • Refrigerator
  • Bathroom
  • Dinett table
  • Fiat specifics and on-board electrics
  • Awning

Handover Checklist

The delivery of a motorhome or van takes at least 2 hours at a good dealer. A lot of things have to be checked together, because even the dealer usually does not check everything in advance.

Below a checklist, which we used. Hope this is helpful for you. You are welcome to comment on it, so that all future users can benefit even more.


Disposal stations for campers in Germany

Each of us has the chance to continuously add the disposal stations in Germany to this map. Just click into the map and add new stations, update existing ones or delete them if no longer available. Photos can also be added. We would be happy if everyone contributes his small part to have always an up-to-date map.

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