Kenwood DMX 8020 DABS

Kenwood DMX8020DABS in Adria TWIN Supreme SGX 640 Fiat Ducato panel van

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Reasons for my purchase

  1. Android apps incl. always up-to-date and free navigation and Spotify, Amazon Music.
  2. Android also with wireless connection, wireless mirroring and not only USB cable connection, just like many other devices with Apple iPhones.
  3. Navigation also with search for brand terms or the like
  4. Direct fit in the 2 DIN slots without overhang
  5. Optical impression of the software in non-Android à inconspicuous

Nice additional features, but I do not use them yet

  1. HDMI connection, which is also not often found.
  2. Up to 3 cameras can be connected. I only use the front and rear camera, which is automatically activated via reverse gear.


  1. DAB reception and FM radio is good and reliable in the Fiat Ducato with the standard antenna.
  2. “Hey Google” function with voice commands works very reliably.
  3. 7-inch display has a very good display even when viewed from the side.
  4. Sound quality with standard Fiat speakers is good. The radio still has some reserves.
  5. Very fast startup of the operating system.
  6. Functions like WhatsApp etc. are not even used by the passenger.

Disadvantages of the 8020 DABS I deliberately entered

  1. No volume dial, only buttons.
  2. No navigation integrated.
  3. No CD drive, but access to external USB hard drive or stick.

Required items

Kenwood DMX 8020 DABS

Rear view camera – Kenwood CMOS-230

Alternative: ZENEC ZE-RCE3702 E>GO Rear view camera

ZE-RVC85WA Camera with 180 degree opening angle

2-DIN RB Fiat / Citroen / Peugeot (radio preparation)

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